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NMN supplements are the most scientifically researched and effective anti-aging products in modern times. anti-aging expert and NMN advocate, Professor Sinclair, was named one of TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in 2014. As an NMN expert, he personally consumes NMN supplements in the form of NMN capsules on a daily basis. Based on its potent pre-clinical and now clinical improvements in anti-aging diseases, the market for NMN in the U.S. is gradually developing. With its powerful anti-aging properties, NMN's health benefits have gained widespread attention with consumers looking to buy NMN, especially in NMN capsule forms. What other properties makes NMN supplements special?
n 2016, NASA awarded NMN the iTech top10 award and has plans to use NMN supplements in the Mars program in 2025. Compared to the NMN US market, the NMN African market requires further development. Successful NMN companies require that their product has good NMN content, high purity, and a great NMN supplement price in order to convince consumers to buy NMN supplements with them. BF SUMA is a leader in NMN supplements in African. BF SUMA makes high quality NMN supplements, including their flagship NMN capsules containing 4500 mg capsules from the U.S. BF SUMA, with years of experience in product development and production in the health care field, has launched different formulations and dosage forms of NMN to enrich consumers' choices. The multitude of NMN products offer a compelling choice for consumers to buy NMN from BF SUMA. BF SUMA has brought NMN products from the USA to Africa, so that NMN consumers in Africa can choose amongst the right NMN products at affordable prices according to their needs in order to experience the anti-aging health benefits of NMN supplements.

There are various NMN health products in the market, why is the American brand BF SUMA NMN capsules worthy of consumers' trust?

First, NMN capsules are available in Africa, but BF SUMA is one of the few NMN supplements manufactured in the USA. Founded in Los Angeles, California, BF SUMA is one of the world's leading developers, manufacturers and distributors of health care products with a long history of conducting cutting edge research and serving the needs of all consumers. Second, as one of the largest manufacturers of NMN supplements, BF SUMA has developed a wide range of products, including tablets and punches, to more novel dosage forms like jellies, gummies, and oral effervescent tablets, in addition to its flagship NMN capsules. The wide selection of products can be tailored to different consumer habits, making daily use more convenient and enhancing the usage of NMN. Because BF SUMA controls its own manufacturing processes, it offers not only the best quality but the best NMN supplement price.

Each bottle of BF SUMA NMN capsules contains 4500 mg (except for some products) of high purity NMN, with the amount in each bottle calculated to ensure that consumers will be able to obtain the right amount of NMN to be efficiently absorbed in the body. This amount has been shown to rapidly increase levels of NAD+ which allows consumers to feel the anti-aging effects of NMN and convince them to continue to buy NMN supplements from BF SUMA.

In addition, BF SUMA uses the most advanced bio-enzyme targeting technology, which produces a high extraction and concentration of NMN. This technology includes additional processes to prevent degradation of the structure of NMN which can reduce its effective concentration. Finally, this technology can promote the direct enzymatic conversion of NMN into NAD+, which makes the effect of NMN much more potent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are NMN supplements? Will I become dependent if I take it for a long time?
A: NMN stands for Nicotinamide mononucleotide, a naturally occurring substance in the human body that is transformed into NAD+ which continuously participates in various chemical reactions to maintain the body’s metabolism. By supplementing with NMN, our body can function normally, regain its youthfulness, and maintain its optimal healthy conditional state for a long time. NMN supplements are all inherent substances in our body, and NAD+ is also a natural chemical found in our body – we make them naturally, just less so as we age. Therefore, even if we stop taking NMN supplements, there will be no side effects or dependence, so customers can use them without any worry.

Q: How does NMN affect the body? Can I supplement NAD+ directly?
A: NAD+ is an essential coenzyme in the body and is directly involved in many of the chemical processes in the body that maintain health. However, as we age, the level of NAD+ in the body decreases. The body becomes deficient in NAD+, causing errors in important chemical processes and increased susceptibility to age-related diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease cancer, and functional brain defects. Consuming NMN supplements are the best way to increase your NAD+ levels. Why not just supplement with NAD+ directly? It comes down to absorption. Compared to NMN, NAD+ molecules are simply too large to be absorbed into the body efficiently, whereas NMN supplements have been proven to boost NAD+ levels and scientific evidence has identified the mechanism of how NMN is absorbed into our body. NMN is considered an NAD+ precursor, and while there are other NAD+ precursors in the market, experiments have shown that NMN has the best overall stability and conversion rate to NAD+. NMN not only effectively replenishes NAD+ stores, it does this very efficiently as it only takes about 30 minutes to be absorbed and converted by your body’s cells.

Q: Tell me, how exactly does NMN work for anti-aging?
A: We now know that a chemical named NAD+, involved in many normal chemical reactions in the body, declines with age. If we can restore our NAD+ levels back to normal, we can start to regain some of our youthfulness and prevent age-related disease. There are two primary ways in which NMN supplements and NAD+ restoration work for anti-aging. NAD+ increases the activity of a family of enzymes called PARP’s. As you get older, your DNA gradually becomes damaged and PARP’s responsibility is to repair DNA. NAD+ also increases the expression of proteins called Sirtuins. As you get older, not only does your DNA become damaged but some genes are switched on and off accidently, altering your metabolism and increasing your susceptibility to disease. Sirtuins are involved in a process called gene expression, and they make sure that the right genes are turned on and off correctly to protect our bodies against these age-related diseases.

Q: How should consumers choose NMN supplements when purchasing?
A: When buying NMN products, we must pay attention on whether we should buy NMN supplements or NAD+ supplements. Certainly, the efficacious choice is to buy NMN supplements. There are different brands of NMN in African, but how do you distinguish between what brands to purchase? BF SUMA has a big advantage as their products are manufactured in its own NMN facility, directly imported from the USA! Controlling every step of the manufacturing process, BF SUMA NMN is a clean, safe and trusted product. BF SUMA NMN has one of the highest purities at 99.5%, uses a proprietary enzymatic technology to produce an environmental friendly but potent NMN, and is produced in high quality cGMP certified facilities. In addition, BF SUMA has the highest level of international certifications, from the production of raw materials to the manufacturing process to ensure that consumers can buy NMN supplements that are quality and really feel the benefits of NMN without any concerns. Lastly, the NMN supplement price matters. Consumers have to balance NMN supplement price with quality – choosing not the cheapest but the best ratio of price to quality.

Q: What are the benefits of taking NMN products?
A: NMN is mainly converted into NAD+ to provide an energy boost, repair damaged DNA, and increase its anti-aging properties to restore youthful, healthy changes to the body. The benefits of NMN will vary from consumer to consumer as it is mainly focused on preventing age-related diseases, so it depends what stage of life the person is in or what particular ailment the person has. One thing that you should feel right away when taking NMN supplements is an energy boost as one of the most known health aspects of NAD+ is that it is required for energy production in your mitochondria. In general, those who are particularly sensitive to NMN will feel significant changes in about a week, especially in the mental aspect to improve the quality of sleep, and in the long term to improve immunity and athletic performance. We know that prescription medication, going to the doctor, or having treatments are incredibly expensive – therefore why not think about the cost effectiveness of the NMN supplement price? The effects of aging are not something we have to accept – with NMN supplements, you can do something about it to enjoy a higher quality of life as you age.

Q: What does the number after NMN stand for? Is the bigger the better?
A: The number after NMN represents the total concentration of NMN in each bottle. There are many benefits of NMN, but consumers should pay attention to the purity of NMN in the bottle, not just the size of the number to choose NMN products. Only high purity NMN can really bring out the effects of NMN: anti-aging and energy replenishment. Size on the bottle is not completely indicative of effectiveness and doesn’t list out other important factors like purity and cleanliness.

Q: What makes NMN from BF SUMA different than the competition?
A: Quality. Unlike most NMN competitors, BF SUMA directly manufacturers NMN in their own factory in the USA. The advantage of this is the strictest quality control in producing the best NMN, which is why consumers choose to buy NMN supplements from BF SUMA. The other biggest difference of NMN BF SUMA compared to the rest is technology. BF SUMA carries the flagship 4500 mg NMN capsules for everyday use, but also understands the importance of the individual – this new idea of personal nutrition. In response, BF SUMA created NMN supplements tailored for every situation, essentially for everybody. On top of NMN capsules, BF SUMA offers 3 advanced NMN formulated versions. One formulation is NMN Duo Release, which contains fast release and sustained release technology for 24 Hour DNA Repair and all day energy. NMN Sharp Mind contains NMN and the proven ingredient gingko biloba, which works together for repairing brain DNA and restoring brain health. Youthever is a NMN fruit essences jelly formulated with resveratrol and 7 other powerful antioxidants to support beauty from the inside out. Lastly, BF SUMA has also created an NMN coffee, a delicious blend of medium roast, high quality coffee that works in synergy with NMN to get your day started on the right track at an affordable price. No other NMN company can provide the breadth and comprehensiveness of NMN supplements suitable for anyone’s needs, at the best NMN supplement price, as BF SUMA NMN.

Q: Who is NMN for?
A: For those looking for an added level of anti-aging protection and concerned about their overall health should buy NMN in the form of NMN capsules or other dosage forms. Since NAD+ declines around 35 years old, anyone >35 years old can take it. NMN can be used primarily as preventative, such as for anti-aging beauty. Given the low cost of the NMN supplement price for health prevention, it makes a lot of sense. But one can also take NMN when there are signs of aging – feeling less energy, less mentally sharp, lack of sleep and exercise, walking slower, etc. The great thing about NMN and boosting NAD+ levels is that it is an all-natural way to protect your health – remember all you are doing is replacing and refreshing the NAD+ that is naturally found in your body to begin with!
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