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BF Suma丨Return & Exchange Policy

BF Suma Return & Exchange Policy

The BF Suma Return & Exchange Policy (the Policy) is applicable only for products bought on BF Suma Online Shop with receipt or invoice. It is incumbent upon BF Suma Distributors and Customer to follow the Policy in letter and spirit.

We stand behind the quality of BF Suma products.

BF Suma stands behind the quality of its products and guarantees your satisfaction. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our product, you may apply for Return & Exchange within 7 days of purchase and receive a new product or the compensation coupon on BF Suma Online Shop.

What are the conditions for Return & Exchange?
We do not accept Returns & exchanges for the condition below.

Please inspect the item carefully upon delivery and if necessary, reject it on the spot:
  • Products that have been used or intentionally damaged
  • Products that are expired, or discontinued.

  • The Product Return Policy does not apply to the sales aids product such as seckill products or gifts.
  • Total returns cannot exceed the quantity appearing on the Order and Purchase Invoice.
  • Any Return & Exchange may affect the bonus calculation correspondingly for BF Suma Distributors only.

The requirement for a valid procedure
  • Proof of purchase – the payment receipt or invoice of the purchase
  • Original packaging – the manufacturer packaging
  • Any free promotional items – gifts or accessories delivered with the purchased item
  • Valid return reason – please refer to the section below for the details

With the requirements above, you may apply for the Return & Exchange to info@bfsuma.com or message us through our official account @BFSumaAfrica on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. After confirmation, we will schedule a product exchange or provide the compensation coupon of equal value on BF Suma Online Shop.

*BF Suma reserves the right to the interpretation of the above terms and conditions.

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