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Ganoderma Capsules

Q: What is the special feature of BF SUMA Ganoderma Cracked Spores Powder Capsules?

Ganoderma is a valuable traditional Chinese medicine that was discovered over 2000 years ago. Even back then, ganoderma was consumed by royalty to enhance their immune systems along with many other ailments. Because of its healthy properties, ganoderma was called the ‘king of herbs’ or the ‘mushroom of immortality.’ Today with modern science, research studies have validated the powerful immune protection effects of ganoderma. Researchers have also identified ganoderma’s other health benefits along with immunity such as anti-tumor, heart protection, brain and nervous system, and ease of breathing.

Ganoderma spores capsules benefits come from two special types of bioactive compounds that are responsible for its powerful health effects, the polysaccharides and the triterpenoids, both of which work together to strengthen the immune system. Lingzhi cracked spores powder capsules are special because there are many scientific studies that have shown its positive health results. The polysaccharides, in particular compounds called beta-glucans, are known to improve the immune system by priming, or training the innate immune system to react. What does this mean? Research has shown that after you ingest lingzhi cracked spores powder capsules containing high concentrations of beta-glucans, our body recognizes these beta-glucans which makes the immune system more efficient by stimulating the activity of your immune cells called macrophages. Macrophages ingest and destroy invading pathogens and also simulate other immune cells for added protection. Lingzhi cracked spores powder capsules also activate your white blood cells such as T-cells which also helps protect your body from pathogens and cancer.

There are currently over 3000 studies that have investigated the health benefits of ganoderma, and double the amount of scientific research in the past 5 years with increasing consumer interest in the product.

With our lingzhi cracked spores powder capsules we created the slogan: Power of Nature, Rebuilding Immunity. The power of nature means that we use organic raw lingzhi cracked spores powder capsules with high nutritional value. We rebuild immunity by using the power of technology to create lingzhi cracked spores powder capsules, utilizing revolutionary technology with absorption rate of 99% and the power of prevention where lingzhi cracked spores powder capsules are proven to effectively fight disease and reduce this risk of illness. Ganoderma spores capsules benefits are nature, technology and prevention.

Q: What are the benefits of taking PB?

The main benefits of taking Pure and Broken Ganoderma Spores powder is to strengthen your immune system to protect yourself against infectious diseases such as colds and flus. Some research even suggests that PB Ganoderma Spores powder may help protect the body against the effects of certain viruses such as Covid-19. Lingzhi cracked spores powder capsules strengthens the immune system by stimulating the immune system response to act faster, has powerful antioxidants that can neutralize foreign invaders, and even has been shown to protect a compromised immune system, such as with cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Lingzhi cracked spores powder capsules may assist in cancer treatment as an active immune system has been shown to restore and heal the body faster. Thus, lingzhi cracked spores powder capsules can effectively support the immune system in fighting cancer.

Ganoderma spores capsules benefits are that after 1 month, PB will help condition the body and restore vitality. After 3 months, PB will help prevent infection from disease. And after 6 months, PB will help to prevent and treat other types of diseases.

All in all, PB Ganoderma Spores Powder will boost the immune system, help with cancer prevention, and help inhibit tumor growth.

Q: What is Ganoderma?

Also known as Reishi (in Japanese) or Lingzhi (in Chinese), Ganoderma is a mushroom fungus with the scientific name, Ganoderma lucidum, or ganoderma for short. Widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for 2000 years, it’s been used to promote health, longevity, and as a potent immune booster. Ganoderma is considered on the most powerful traditional Chinese medicines available and is especially suitable for those who want enhanced immune protection. Only now has Ganoderma gotten the attention it deserves. Because of Covid-19, immune health has become extremely important to consumers. Combined with the importance of natural remedies, organic ingredients, and proven results, the popularity of Ganoderma to protect the immune system against viruses, bacteria, and environmental toxins has skyrocketed.

3 parts of the ganoderma mushroom can be consumed. The mushroom itself can be consumed. It matures in hot, humid climates typically in the summer and takes about 5-7 months for it to mature and reproduce. The ganoderma spores powder (seeds) are also consumed. The spores contain a highly concentrated amount of healthy, bioactive compounds. They are dispersed by the wind to grow new mushroom offspring. The mycelium, which forms after the spores start to germinate and grow into the mushroom, can also be consumed, but it is considered a low grade ganoderma product. The mushroom, spores, and mycelium of ganoderma are all harvested for consumption, but the highest quality and most effective part of the ganoderma are the spores. The ganoderma spores capsules benefits from containing the highest concentration of bioactive compounds for immune health, but the downside is that it is higher cost due to less material and increased labor involved. Ganoderma spores powder only yield 1/1000 of the total fruiting body meaning that for every 1 kg of ganoderma mushroom, you only get 1 gram of spores powder. And it takes 70 times the amount of ganoderma mushroom to achieve the same amount of bioactive compounds in ganoderma spores powder.

Q: Who is PB suitable for?

How often do you get sick from the cold or flu? Do you see the doctor frequently because of getting sick? Are you worried about catching Covid-19? Think about it. If you catch something 8-10 times per year, you might be spending up to 2 months a year just dealing with symptoms, which greatly effects your normal life and work. PB Ganoderma Spores Powder might be for you.

Ganoderma spores capsules benefits those people who are concerned about immunity and/or people who are concerned about respiratory system health. The immune system protects your body from outside invaders. These outside invaders could be bacteria, viruses, fungi, and toxins. The immune system consists of different organs, cells and proteins working synergistically to fight off these outside invaders. But the immune system also has other attributes besides immune health. The immune system also functions in anti-aging, maintaining general health, and preventing cancer.

PB Ganoderma Spores Powder is suitable for those that want to consume one of the best, most proven health products in the market. PB is BF SUMA’s number one seller for a reason. For over 10 years, thousands of customers have purchased and tried PB with fantastic results. Many testimonials have described how after taking PB, they were less likely to get sick. Over 1 million bottles of PB have been sold over the decade that BF SUMA has offered this exceptional product to the African market. Thus it is one of the few products in the market that is proven to strengthen the immune system. With Covid-19, everyone now is looking for products that help protect the body against infectious disease. The Institute for Functional Medicine strongly recommends PB for patients with high evidence for building the immune system against Covid-19 infection and/or symptoms. Immune products are trending and in demand. PB offers the best, natural immune protecting health product on the market and is suitable for everyone looking for added daily immune health protection.

So who can especially use lingzhi cracked spores powder capsules? Those that would like to boost their immune system yes, but also people that want to maintain their liver health, those susceptible to cancer, those wanting to reduce the side effects from cancer treatment, and those looking for other solutions to anti-aging.

Q: Why is BF SUMA the best choice for PB?

Let’s understand the naming of PB Ganoderma Spores Powder. Pure means that it contains organic, raw and natural material. Broken means that the spore shells are broken so that the ganoderma spores powder has higher absorption in the body. Ganoderma is the ingredient Ganoderma Lucidium, all pure with no other filler, and spores are the highest quality part of the ganoderma that contains the most effective ingredients for health in the body.

BF SUMA has the highest quality ganoderma on the market. Due to its hard and thick outer walls, ganoderma spores are difficult to digest naturally in the stomach, which results in low absorption rates. These spores have thick, impenetrable walls made out of a compound called chitin, which is the same material as a crab shell. Our ganoderma utilizes a patented ultra-low-temperature nano-wall-breaking technology method to achieve a 99.9% broken spore rate, which release all the active components from the spores for the highest absorption and the highest effect from the ganoderma spores powder.

Ganoderma spores capsules benefits from fresh, premium, Grade-A spore powder. PB is 100% certified organic and non-GMO. Lingzhi cracked spores powder capsules is manufactured in the USA, under BF SUMA owned cGMP facilities, and delivered directly to Africa.
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