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NMN Anti Aging Supplement

NMN Duo Release CR is an innovative technology in NMN research, with a unique dual-layer design that provides both rapid and sustained release from one tablet. With a rapid replenishment of NAD+ levels in 30 minutes and a long absorption time of 24 hours, the body can:
Restore youthfulness: NMN effectively activates longevity proteins to help delay the physiological decline and aging caused by ageing.
Increase energy metabolism: As the most basic unit of the human body, NMN can effectively increase cellular activity and strengthen the body's function.
Repair damaged DNA: By absorbing NMN Duo Release CR, the body is able to synthesize NAD+, which enables the DNA repair enzyme PARP to continuously repair DNA and keep cells young. Improves aging.

Q: What is the special feature of BF SUMA Duo Release CR?

NMN Duo Release CR is the only NMN anti-aging supplement that utilizes a double layer tablet design. It has a rapid release layer which provides an NMN energy boost and a sustained release layer which provides NMN anti-aging effects, such as repairing damaged DNA, in the long-term. This two way effect allows the person taking the newest NMN anti-aging supplement to wake up feeling refreshed, have high energy throughout the whole day, and repair damaged DNA while sleeping for 24 hour support.

Let’s discuss how the layers work. The rapid release layer dissolves faster than traditional conventional release tablets, which allows NMN to absorb faster in the body. Normally taking a couple hours, the rapid release layer only takes 30 min to absorb into the body. This sudden dosage of NMN into the body increases NAD+, which is involved in energy production in your mitochondria. Therefore, the rapid release layer provides a powerful NMN energy boost that the can be readily felt in the body and mind, an NMN energy boost that is higher than conventional NMN anti-aging supplements. The sustained release layer releases NMN gradually over a long period of time. While the rapid release layer focuses on an NMN energy boost, the sustained release layer focuses on the NMN anti-aging effects of DNA repair and longevity. What separates the sustained release layer from conventional release is that while conventional release goes in the blood faster it also is excreted out of the body faster. Sustained release stays in the blood longer. This means that sustained release allows the NMN anti-aging properties to work even while you sleep and the benefits of this are you only need to take one dose per day, it is gentler on the body, and the effects of the NMN anti-aging supplement work longer than conventional.

In addition to the special functions of the double layer tablet, the manufacturing process is difficult in itself. The manufacturing process utilizes a cutting edge technology to create the double layer tablet – but this process is very complicated and only 1,000 tablets can be produced at one time. This is because both the mixing process and the tablet pressing process have to be conducted under very specific conditions, with humidity levels at 40-65% and temperatures at or below 25°C. These mixing and tablet pressing processes are very sensitive, and thus have to be conducted slowly hence it’s limited production.

Despite the many upgrades of the NMN Duo Release CR, this latest NMN anti-aging supplement still utilizes the best quality NMN on the market. BF SUMA NMN uses a patented, high technology enzymatic method of production that creates the highest purity – 99.5% - amongst the competition and undergoes the strictest and highest quality standards in manufacturing by way of our own cGMP facilities in the USA.

Q: What is the recommended daily dose of BF SUMA duo and NMN capsules?

The NMN Duo Release CR is an advanced version of the NMN anti-aging supplement NMN capsules. Our NMN capsules are targeted mainly for NMN anti-aging gene repair, while the NMN Duo Release CR is an NMN anti-aging supplement that is capable of providing NMN anti-aging gene repair and an NMN energy boost. Because of the added NMN energy boost properties, the daily dose of NMN Duo Release CR is 1 tablet per day compared to NMN Capsules, which require 2 per day.

Q: Who is BF SUMA NMN DUO RELEASE CR suitable for?

BF SUMA NMN Duo Release CR is suitable for successful men and women professionals who have chosen to take an NMN anti-aging supplement because of its proven effects but also want the strongest NMN anti-aging effects with an added NMN energy boost. Let’s talk about why NMN Duo Release CR is the right NMN anti-aging supplement for working professionals. Either taken in the morning or early afternoon, the fast release layer provides that NMN energy boost so the professional can work with energy throughout the day, and if working late can still be productive at night. In addition, after a late night at the office, the sustained release layer provides a gentle dosage of NMN throughout the night, allowing the professional to wake up energized and refreshed from its NMN anti-aging DNA repair effects. The combination of the NMN energy boost and NMN anti-aging effects ensure that the professional can have a great work life balance and be successful.

Q: Are there any other groups where BF SUMA NMN DUO RELEASE CR may be helpful?

Aside from working professionals, there are other groups that can benefit from taking NMN Duo Release CR. Let’s consider the 2 main benefits of our newest NMN anti-aging supplement: NMN anti-aging gene repair and NMN energy boost. The other population that may enjoy the benefits of this product are elders who want to add muscle strength and endurance. Many animal studies have shown that NMN boosts athletic performance, but more importantly new research by a team of Japanese researchers has shown that the benefits of NMN are translatable to humans. In a randomized, double blind clinical trial involving healthy older men, men taking NMN for 12 weeks had improved their muscle strength and performance as measured by standing, walking, and grip strength tests. Thus, those who are looking to get physically stronger with increased energy also would benefit from taking NMN Duo Release CR.

Q: Provide me the selling points of BF SUMA Duo Release CR.

At BF SUMA, we aim to provide our customers the best – the most effective healthy products, using the highest technology, with the best quality available. We currently offer BF SUMA NMN capsules, the number one NMN anti-aging supplement on the market. We don’t stop here. We believe in continuing to get better, and to provide more upgraded and premium products. So we developed the NMN Duo Release CR to get the same benefits of NMN anti-aging properties that are longer lasting in the body, and in combination with the NMN energy boost. This two way approach, using proprietary double layer technology, makes the NMN anti-aging process more effective, targeting the successful professional who wishes to stay at the top of his game. In summary, BF SUMA Duo Release CR is the upgraded NMN anti-aging supplement version that is more effective, utilizes the most advanced technology on the market, and is still manufactured, like all BF SUMA products, at the highest of standards in our own cGMP factories in Los Angeles, USA.
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