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NMN Longevity

International recognition of NMN longevity utility
In recent years, longevity has always been an important pursuit for people. A variety of anti-aging health products have become popular in the market.
Among these products, David Sinclair, a professor at Harvard Medical School, found that the NMN substance made 22-month-old rats (equivalent to 60 years old) have similar levels of mitochondria and muscle health as 6-month-old rats (equivalent to 20 years old). Since the effect of NMN on longevity is very significant, scientists have started further research. There have been hundreds of research papers on NMN and lifespan in international scientific journals such as Cell, Nature and Science.
NASA is planning to use it in the "Mars Project" in 2025 to fight against the damage caused by cosmic radiation to the body cells of astronauts, which shows that the effect of NMN to live longer is recognized by international organizations.

Q: What is NMN? Will it cause dependence if I take it for a long time?
A: The full name of NMN is Nicotinamide mononucleotide, which is a substance that exists naturally in the human body and is transformed into NAD+ in the human body and then continuously participates in various chemical reactions to maintain our metabolism.
The substances in NMN that make people live longer are inherent to the human body. Even if you stop taking NMN, there will be no side effects or dependence, so you can take it with no worries.
However, the NMN lifespan extension effect does not happen overnight. It should be used consistently for a period of time to better realize the magic of NMN longevity.

Q: Why does NMN enable people to live longer?
A: It has been proven that NMN is the best substance among all NAD+ precursors in terms of stability and conversion rate to replenish the NAD+ level in the body.
The NAD+ coenzyme in the human body is involved in one quarter of the body's physiological metabolic activities. As we age, the NAD+ level in the body decreases. Various physiological aging problems and age-related diseases are closely related to the decrease of this substance.
This is when the value of NMN live longer effect is realized! NMN is an essential component for cells to produce chemical energy and thus meet the demands of daily life. NMN supplementation has been shown to increase energy and better control blood sugar, thus reversing age-related physiological decline and achieving live longer with NMN.
As the most popular and popularized scientific intervention substance for aging, the discovery of NMN live longer has caused a huge global sensation at the beginning. Scientists have also suggested that NMN may help humans break through the "Hefelek limit" and live longer with NMN, even up to 120 years old.

Q: Who is BF SUMA NMN suitable for?
A: BF SUMA NMN is not intended for any specific user group. All people can take this product as their NAD+ level decreases with age.
On one hand, the current social situation puts a lot of pressure on young people. NMN can play a role in relieving stress and adjusting work and rest, so that young people can live a more relaxed and happy life.
On the other hand, for older people, they can focus on the NMN lifespan extension effect. NMN is a great way to help you get the most out of your life. As the economy and living standards improve, the elderly are aspiring for a high quality of life in their old age.
NMN improves various physiological states of aging and provides NMN lifespan extension effects, therefore increasing the possibility of achieving "aging gracefully". It allows people to live healthier and live longer with NMN.
After using it, You will know that NMN longevity effect is really strong! The great thing about NMN lifespan extension and raising NAD+ levels is that it is an all-natural way to protect your health.
Of course, if you have any questions, please consult with your family doctor or health care professional to make sure this supplement is right for you.

Q: There are all kinds of NMN supplements in the market, why only the American brand BF SUMA's NMN is worthy of consumers' trust?
A: As a brand from the USA, BF SUMA has been developing and producing NMN products in different formulations and dosages with years of experience in the healthcare field. BF SUMA has now brought its products from the US to Africa to let you experience the effects of NMN live longer.
For NMN lifespan extension, through long-term contact with consumers and as the largest NMN longevity manufacturer, we have designed unique dosage forms such as health drinks in addition to the ordinary capsules available in the market. With a wide selection of products to choose from, we are able to guarantee NMN live longer no matter what the dosage form is.
Secondly, the NMN content of each bottle of BF SUMA is precisely calculated and effectively absorbed to rapidly increase the level of NAD+ in the body, ensuring that consumers can fully feel the effects of NMN lifespan extension.
In addition, we use the advanced bioenzyme targeting technology, which can effectively target the high concentration of NMN and extract NMN directly from the plant, avoiding the extra process to destroy the structure of NMN and reduce the effective concentration. Finally, this technology can promote the direct enzymatic conversion of NMN into NAD+ with high efficiency, which makes the NMN live longer effect more obvious.

Q: What are the benefits of taking NMN products?
A: The benefits of NMN are mainly in the conversion to NAD+ to repair damaged DNA, NMN longevity and energy to bring positive changes to the body. The benefits of NMN will vary from consumer to consumer as it is mainly focused on improving the internal body quality. As far as the feedback from many users is concerned, NMN longevity is really highly recognized. Many elderly people feel that their physical condition has become better than before. Those who are physically sensitive will feel significant changes in about a week, especially in the mental aspect to improve the quality of sleep, and long-term use to improve immunity and athletic performance, and eventually achieve NMN longevity.

Q: Is there any alternative to NMN on lifespan extension?
A: Tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, etc. are all rich in NMN in our daily diet, however, these foods are very low in NMN and the body's need for NMN increases with age, so it is necessary to consume large amounts to meet the body's needs. One capsule is all you need to meet your daily needs and prolong the lifespan with NMN. BF Suma extracts NMN directly from plants, avoiding additional processes that can damage the structure of NMN. Taking NMN lifespan supplements is a natural way to protect your health.

Q:Will the aging accelerate if I stop using NMN?
A: Of course not. But your body will fall back to the process of gradual aging. The product causes no drug dependence.
If suddenly stop after long-term use, the level of super coenzyme in the user body will gradually return to the level of natural aging. The suspension after half-an-year use will slowly lessen the energy lifting effects of NMN in about 1 week, but the final physical conditions will be improved comparing to that before using NMN.
The process of reversal and aging are gradual. It should be used consistently to achieve better results of NMN longevity.
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